Wedding day packages start at $4000


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These FAQs may help tackle some of the big questions, but every wedding is different. Please reach me directly and I would be more then happy to speak with you in person or on the phone. I'm located in the Los Angeles area.


+ What are your rates?

Pricing on weddings depends on wedding location and availability. Starting rate is $4000 for weddings based in Southern California. Contact me using the contact form or at for more information.

+ What's included in the package?

  • Wedding Film, 8-15 minutes - examples under 'featured' section
  • ~1 hour Wedding Video (Containing footage from Ceremony and Reception)
  • Raw Footage from all cameras used on wedding day

Please reach me directly for examples, additionals, and a price breakdown.

+ Do you shoot with a second videographer?

Yes. It's really important for me, and I'm sure for you, that I don't miss a moment. Having another person with me for the day will help ensure that your wedding is fully covered!

+ Do you offer same-day edits?

Unfortunately, I do not at the moment. Sorry!

+ Where will you travel?

Anywhere! So far my work has taken me all over Northern and Southern California, Seattle, St. Louis, Hawaii and Italy. I'm always up for an adventure!

+ What equipment do you use?

I am a firm believer that the camera and software can only be as a good as the one using it. My camera equipment changes on a yearly basis, staying up to date with the latest technology. As of right now I shoot exclusively with Sony Mirrorless Cameras, along with a DJI Mavic (drone), and edit all of my films utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite on Mac.

+ Do you offer aerial footage?

That would be dependent on the location. Some locations in the world have restrictions for drone usage. If your wedding takes place in a large area, like a golf course, field, vineyard, etc. then it should not be an issue. If your wedding takes place in a public area, then there is a possibility of a restriction.

+ Who picks the music?

I choose the music myself, and I figure this out based on what I hear throughout the wedding day. If you are interested in selecting your own music for the video, please refer to which contains a library of songs to choose from as well as the proper licensing to use it in my work. Also, you must have the song selection ready within 7 days after the wedding day.

+ What is your turn around time?

I take pride in having a fast turn around time. Typically within 20 days, I will have your wedding package complete. Though, I leave it contracted for 3 months in case of family emergencies and the demands of work outside of wedding videography. If you would like to your wedding package to be complete at a specific date, ie. for an out of town reception, or if you visit family outside of the country, please let me know so we can work out an additional rate.

+ What is your shooting style?

I document weddings with the mindset of a journalist, where I'm all about capturing those moments you might miss or forget about, but at the same time I photograph the weddings where it follows my aesthetic as a filmmaker. I do my best to stay invisible, making you feel comfortable throughout the day, but also surprising you when you're able to play back the footage and relive those moments you'll never want to forget.

+ How are you with the photographer?

We're going to be great. I respect his/her work and I'm sure they respect mine. I'm here for you, and we're going to work together in a way that is accommodating for the bridal party and for all the vendors.

+ Do you mic anyone?

Yes. I use a microphone system connected to the groom and officiant. If this is a problem for you, please let me know so we can work something out.

+ My venue requires vendors to have insurance, do you have it?

I am able to access day-of insurance if your venue requires it. However, I require my future clients to cover the charges which range from $160-200 depending on the location and size of your wedding.

+ Is this what you do full time?

Yep! I am a full time wedding videographer and also a cinematographer. If you're interested you can view my cinemtography website here:

+ What sets you apart from the others?

I'm all about documenting the day for what it is. I try my best to stay away from staging, renactments, and I present the wedding day as it is.